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全部商品 / 水克菲尔粒 【台湾生产】|全球配送 Water Kefir Grains 【made in Taiwan】 |Global Delivery
水克菲尔粒 【台湾生产】|全球配送 Water Kefir Grains 【made in Taiwan】 |Global Delivery

水克菲尔粒 【台湾生产】|全球配送 Water Kefir Grains 【made in Taiwan】 |Global Delivery

【水克菲尔粒 Water Kefir Grains|热封密封包装,乾淨卫生】
【Water Kefir Grains | Heat-sealed packaging, clean and hygienic| Made in Taiwan】


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made in Taiwan, global delivery
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【水克菲尔粒 Water Kefir Grains|热封密封包装,乾淨卫生】提比 Tibi、克弗尔 Kefir、康普茶 Kombucha、视肉 Shirou,以上四者,乃当今世界四大经典『共生菌体』。

其中,『提比 Tibi』又称为「水克菲尔 (Water Kefir)」,「水克」,「缇比水晶 (Tibicos)」,「天山雪莲」,「太阳菌菰」等。


【提琉比_水克_water kefir grians_最新公告 112.2.8更新】



Q:『水克菲尔 (Water Kefir)』跟『克菲尔 (Kefir)』差别在哪?


Q:什麽是『克菲尔粒 (Kefir Grains)』?



A: 共生菌体为由多种微生物聚集生长成肉眼可视的「固形体」,





于是,第一个「多细胞生物」的雏型于某个神圣时刻诞生,渐渐地演化成现今各种多采多姿的生物,包括: 人类。

共生菌体,可以视为这个「多细胞生物」的雏型, 现今万千生物的先祖。

而广义来看,我们人类到现在也还是一种共生体: 有数以千计的微生物共生在我们肠道、皮肤、神经中… 

时间回溯100多年前-西元1908年诺贝尔生理学/医学奖得主Мечников于其钜着「Prolongation of Life」 中

提及 『kephir共生菌体』产地探勘经历。 



💕如果有任何培养上的问题欢迎加入提琉比爱发酵line社群讨论呦~ https://pse.is/42nfmv



【Water Kefir Grains | Heat-sealed packaging, clean and hygienic| Made in Taiwan】Tibi, Kefir, Kombucha, and Shirou are the four classic "symbiotic cultures" in the world today.Among them, "Tibi" is also known as "Water Kefir", "Tibicos", "Tianshan Snow Lotus", "Sun Mushroom", and so on.【Buyers who use convenience store pickup】At room temperature, the culture will remain active and continue to produce gas, so please pick up your order as soon as possible on the day of arrival.

【If you cannot pick up your order at the convenience store on the day of arrival, please choose the seller's home delivery option, and we will use refrigerated delivery.】

【Shelf life】The culture can be continuously cultivated without a limit. It can be stored in a dormant state in the refrigerator for up to two months, but do not freeze it.

【Announcement on Water Kefir Grains as of March 8th, 2023】

Generally, orders received during the day will be shipped on the same day or the following day. For orders placed in the evening, they will be shipped the next day. If you have an urgent order, please send us a message. Thank you!

★FAQ★Q: What is the difference between "Water Kefir" and "Kefir"?A: Kefir is divided into milk kefir, which is fermented with animal or plant milk, and water kefir, which is fermented with juice or sugar water. The origin of milk kefir is currently recognized as the Caucasus region in Central Asia, while the origin of water kefir is said to be in Mexico, Tibet, and other places.

Q: What are "Kefir Grains"?A: Natural kefir is fermented using kefir grains, which are organic organisms that are naturally generated and will not melt. After the fermentation is complete, the kefir grains must be removed in order to continue the next round of production and fermentation.

Q: What is a "Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY)"?A: A SCOBY is a "solid body" that is visible to the naked eye and is formed by the growth and aggregation of multiple microorganisms. These microorganisms live together and work together, like a small ecosystem.

There is currently a hypothesis in science that the first life on Earth was a single-celled microorganism. However, individual microorganisms are vulnerable to changes in the environment and are prone to dying out. Therefore, at a key point in history, two microorganisms floating in the vast water happened to meet and decided to "hold hands" and live together. As time passed, the two microorganisms encountered more and more other microorganisms and gathered together, working together to survive in a changing environment. Thus, the prototype of the first "multicellular organism" was born at a sacred moment, gradually evolving into the various diverse creatures we have today, including humans. A SCOBY can be seen as the prototype of this "multicellular organism," the ancestor of countless living things today.

In a broad sense, we humans are also a kind of symbiotic organism: thousands of microorganisms live symbiotically in our intestines, skin, nerves, and so on.

Going back in time over 100 years to 1908, Nobel laureate in Physiology/Medicine Mechnikov mentioned in his seminal work "Prolongation of Life" about his exploration of the origin of kefir SCOBY.

For more than 100 years since then, humans have continuously invested basic research resources to explore the relationship between symbiotic organisms and the human body, animals and plants, and the environment.


This product is a fresh food and is not applicable for the 7-day product appreciation period under Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act. According to the "Criteria for the Application of Reasonable Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal for Communication Transactions," Article 2, Paragraph 1, goods that are easily perishable, have a short shelf life, or are about to expire upon termination of the contract are reasonable exceptions under the first subparagraph of Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act. Starting from January 1, 2016, fresh foods are not applicable for the 7-day product appreciation period under Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act, and can only accept your return request if there is damage caused by the product itself or during transportation. We apologize that we are unable to process return or exchange for non-defective products.


  • 黑貓宅配-冷藏 _160元|可轉超商7-11取貨
  • 黑貓宅配-冷藏 (貨到付款 )_160元|可轉超商7-11取貨
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  • 黑貓宅配-常溫 (貨到付款 )_130元 |可轉超商7-11取貨
  • 黑貓宅配-常溫_130元|可轉超商7-11取貨
  • 免運費! 新北市中和區取貨點面交取貨 (限kefir全系列產品,kefir之外的產品請來電詢問: 0918-611-559)
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